A frugal love poem

A Repository Of Time
1 min readMar 19, 2022


Still from the 2016 film: Paterson

I have begun to feel the city leaves me more often than I do.
More often than I ever will be able to.

We seem to be friends from a time when everyone acted like
each other’s foe.

The sound of my city
The city my home
The roads
The pavements

They see the world pass by around them

I too see the world pass by around me
But I am often mistaken that I am the world,
and that they see me pass by as I see everyone pass by me.
I am the empty world.
They wish to be the world.
I wish to be whole.

I say good morning as if I’ll always be looked at and smiled at
whenever they see me, my world.

Good morning. Goodbye, goodnight.

When you are rain
I feel cold
When I am cold
I turn to warmth
When you are warm
You forget

Days by days.
Memories get erased.
Flashbacks come
Tables keep turning
You don’t look back
Weather forecasts say sunny
And I dream of light that resonates with

Do you ever go quiet?