Past | Present


Autumn portrait at Mount Fuji Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan by Archi Kobayashi

There is no future tense in the Japanese language,
It’s how I like melancholy so I write in the past tense.

Watashi wa kirei desu ka
Anata wa kirei datta
Am I beautiful? You were beautiful.

Sometimes we remember our past in such a way that
it leaves us with no choice but to think about the present as
the only future that exists.

Anata wa kirei desu
You are beautiful.

Isn’t it weird how we say Japan is living in the future already?
Maybe they have had to think about the past so much,
They couldn’t help being futuristic.

NaPoWriMo Prompt:
“I like melancholy so I write in the past tense” by: @ poemsindia on Instagram.